Transporte de big bag a cisterna Transportes Arniella

1.- A strategic factor for Transportes Arniella

  • Personal accidents are inconceivable. Our goal at work is ‘zero accidents’.

2.- A requirement of customers and a legal obligation.

  •  It is a mandatory requirement for all of our customers.
  •  It is a requirement of the legal system.


3.-Suitable training, a basic tool for safety.

  • Initial and ongoing training plans for all workers at the company. The main principle of security is the workers’ behaviour who must be aware of the risks and able to avoid risks.


  • Safety plans
  • Standards and security protocols.
  • Permanent risk assessment of the activities through an external prevention service.
  • Internal and external audits.
  • Compliance with the regulations listed in the SQAS questionnaire.
  • Adaptation of the management system to standard OSHAS-18001.
  • Strict compliance with the terms of Spanish Ley de Prevención 31/1995. (Law of Prevention of Occupational Risks)