Envasado de graneles Transportes Arniella TANK REPACKAGING SERVICE


We offer a special repackaging service for some goods:  bulk goods repackaged into big-bags and octabins, merchandise kept in octabins repackaged into big-bags,  from tanks into Conliner containers, etc.  Transportes Arniella is one of Spain’s leading transport companies of granulated and powdery substances. Their extensive experience after 75 years offering a high quality service allows them to offer their portfolio of services in handling, packaging, storage and distribution of large quantities of goods; either in bulk or packaged, for they have all the necessary means. In addition to this, they have own facilities in Cantabria, Murcia and Tarragona, equipped with the most advanced technological tools. Therefore, they can meet the most demanding quality and security standards thanks to the company’s own logistics centres.