Logistics centres


Arniella has three logistics centres all over Spain, two of which are especially adapted to the handling and bulk storage in silos.

  • Murcia
  • Tarragona


These centres provide their clients with value-added services in bulk storage and handling along with product rescue serviced if necessary during the process of emptying silos or recovery of goods. This is possible with the aid of our state-of-the-art vacuum tanks.

We ship and store for our customers.
We have extensive experience in bulk transport of powdery substances, pellets and husks.  Transportes Arniella is considered one of Europe’s leading companies in the transportation both of powdery and granulated substances.

We have a trustworthy highly skilled professional team. Furthermore, we strictly comply with the most rigorous quality standards with the aim of providing an excellent service adapted to all of our clients’ needs:

Logistics centre in Cantabria

Transportes Arniella-Cantabria

Logistics centre in Tarragona

Transporte Arniella-Tarragona

Logistics centre in Murcia

Transporte Arniella-Murcia