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Transportation of powdery substances

Arniella is a leader in bulk transport. It is also worth of note the service of transportation of powdered substances in which Arniella is an expert.

Transporte Arniella-Murcia

Logistics Centres

We have logistics centres in  Cantabria, Tarragona and Murcia,  in order to offer our customers a value-added service.


General Cargo

Tautliner conventional transportation is one of the services we provide both in the transportation of lots and full container load.

Transportes de granulados Transportes Arniella

Transporte en cisternas de granza

This is the company’s key service, which offers some of the most modern and specialised fleets in Spain. 

cinta rayada


Transportation and Logistics

Since its founding in 1940 by Mr. Celestino Fernández Arniella, the company havebeen characterized by both dynamism and adaptation to an ever-changing and dynamic market such as road transport, a domain in which we have developed our business activity.

During the 70s, ARNIELLA focused their efforts both on transportation by tank lorry and logistics management of bulk solids closely related to the chemical industry, which put the company at the forefront of the domestic market in the Iberian Peninsula.

In the 80s, a number of warehouses were established in various places all over the country. In the year 2000, they took up their outsourcing logistics operations in terminals. In the new millennium, the company are in a unique position to face the future with greater assurance of success, thanks to their operational strength,  financial solvency and ability of management.